Bio-lu Bioceramics

For many years now, bioceramics have been used as bone implants. The fundamental factor in the application of bioceramics as bone prosthesis is its structural properties: macropores, interconnections and porosity. Following the research results, the interaction between the three major elements was highlighted: cells, bioceramics and nutrition are complementary as seeds, soil and fertilizers are. Their successful interaction creates functional tissues and organs.

Cell-Material-Blood interaction

Cell-Material-Blood interaction

Bio-lu Company created an innovating spherical porous bioceramic macrostructure which manufacturing process is totally controllable. The bioceramic structures created through this technique perfectly meet the growth needs of cells and tissues. According to our research results, macropore size of 500±150µm and interconnection diameter of 150±50µm are the most suitable parameters for the Bio-lu products.

 Structure characteristics:

  • The controlled moulding method allows us to manufacture bioceramics of different surfaces, shapes and sizes.


  • The spherical macropores of Bio-lu bioceramics are fully connected.


  • The pores of Bio-lu products have smooth surfaces and present multi-interconnections with their neighbours.