ß-TCP Bioceramic rod for ANFH

Avascular necrosis of the femoral head (ANFH) is a condition that results from poor blood supply to the femoral head causing bone death. This is a serious condition because the dead areas of bone do not function normally, are weakened, and can collapse.

Beside arthroplasty, current treatments of ANFH are mainly focused on three points:

• Core decompression
• Weight support
• Blood supply improvement

There is currently no product/technique which can achieve simultaneously these three points, and most of the current treatments focus on core decompression and weight support.

Bio-lu Bioceramic Rod system main objective is to improve blood supply, and achieve at the same time weight support and core decompression. Vascularization and osteoconduction through the rod lead to the healing of the femoral head.

Bio-lu Bioceramic Rod system is an innovative system to treat ANFH:

• Micro-surgical surgery:Bone drilling, removal of necrosis, mechanical support and revascularization
• Bioceramics:Granules, rod and stopper
• Dedicated instruments:Scaper and bone grafter


The advantages of the Bioceramic Rod are:

• Combination of pressure reduction, vascularization improvement and mechanical strength increase
• Blood vessel and bone growth induced by the macrostructure
• Biodegradable, takes part in bone mineralization
• Easy to use dedicated instruments
• Rapid micro-invasive surgery
• No negative impact in case of second operation
• Clearly X-ray visible: easy clinical follow-up


Surgery procedure