Biological properties

  • Reliability

A non-cytotoxic, non-teratogenic and non-carcinogenic product that do not cause any immune response, allergy, inflammation or any other adverse effect.

  • Biocompatibility

The subcutaneous graft implantations carried out on the New-Zealand rabbit showed neither tissue necrosis nor inflammation nor tissue reaction. Moreover, the test showed that the newly formed tissue has entirely grown into the material.

  • Osteoconduction

The macroarchitecture of Bio-lu’s bioceramics is set according to bone tissues growth needs and thus enables them to grow properly into the material along with blood vessels. The results obtained in real situation are as follows: 2 weeks after the implantation, the new bone starts to grow; 4 weeks after, the bone starts to remodel; 12 weeks after, the newly formed bone is mature and operative.

  • Biodegradation

The ß-tricalcium phosphate (ß-TCP) bioceramic is entirely biodegradable. There are two main degradation processes: (1) dissolution by body fluids and (2) phagocytosis (osteoclasts, phagocytes, macrophages). The calcium and phosphorus from the degradation take part in the mineralization of the newly formed bone. The surplus is then naturally drained off.