Company introduction

Bio-luShanghai Bio-lu Biomaterials Company Limited was founded by Doctor Lu Jianxi in 2000 in Shanghai (China). Innovating in the biomedical field, the company focuses on the research, development, production and sale of biomaterials and tissue engineering scaffolds.

Since 1992, Dr Lu Jianxi has been led his team through advanced research in the biological effects, bio-functionality and in vivodegradation mechanism of porous bioceramics. After their research results, they generated a brand new technique for producing porous bioceramics. This technique allows them to control the macrostructure of the porous production especially when it comes to diameter of interconnection, pore size and porosity. The architecture of the structure facilitates the ingrowth, proliferation and differentiation of cells and tissues. In the meantime, Dr Lu and his team set up another technique that allowed them to control the degradation mechanism of bioceramics (control of raw materials quality and sintering method). The production technology is patented both in China and Internationaly.

Bio-lu Company used this patent to develop many different products such as hydroxyapatite bioceramics and ß-tricalcium phosphate bioceramics (commercial name : Bio-lu) officially recognized by the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) of the People’s Republic of China. Since 2002, these products have been marketed and used in hundreds of hospitals and for more than 100 000 patients so far without causing any rejection, inflammation, allergy or any other adverse effect. This structure is stable, compatible with human biologic structures, is absolutely safe and provides an excellent bone conduction.

Bio-lu Company has more than 30 workers. Trying to reach the best quality for its structure, improving its production process and developing new products in the same time, the company keeps on improving the structure’s synthesis technique and increasing the investments. In 2007, the company has created various labs for microorganism study, chemistry, physics, histology and cell culture. In the same year, Bio-lu Company obtained the International Standards for Quality Management ISO134805 and ISO9001. Moreover, in 2008, the laboratory has started a hard tissue (non-decalcified) histological section centre in order to observe newly formed tissue inside the implant and also the interfacial reactions between bones and biomaterials.