User guide

Our products must be prescribed beforehand by a specialist who will take the patient’s medical situation into account when choosing the shape of the implant. The products do not require the use of any specific instrument.

Cavity filling After cleaning of the lesion and settling of internal fixation, granules, blocks and/or sticks can be filled inside the cavity. Afterwards, the product used must be covered and fixed by surrounding tissues.
Large bone defects For repairing massive defects, Bio-lu bioceramics shall be used accordingly to the stability and weight-bearing ability of the bone.
Bone growth acceleration Granules or/and blocks are implanted under the periosteum or around the bone. It is also possible to add bone marrow or autograft in order to accelerate the bone growth.
Tissue engineering Osteoblasts, chondrocytes or bone mesenchymal stem cells can be seeded inside the product, then cultured in vitro to tissue engineered bone and cartilage, for tissues and organs repairing.